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Creating a Culture of Insight

Data can be the greatest asset a business has, but only if it is communicated effectively. If it is going to be used as a force of change within an organisation to guide better decision-making then it needs to reach the right people and have its implications correctly understood.

Effective communications means more than creating an 80 page powerpoint deck which is full to bursting with stats, figures and findings. Instead it comes down to these three points:

  1. Landing the recommendations through brilliant storytelling
  2. Having the right tools in place to deliver the right content to the right stakeholders
  3. Creating a culture of insights-led decision-making

Seen&Read was established in 2016 to translate complex data into comprehensive and engaging insight material. We work with businesses to turn those insights into effective communication tools and support business objectives.

In short, we help land data and insights more effectively across a business.

The Seen&Read content marketing team includes senior marketers, insight communications specialists and experienced branding and web designers. As data and insight communications specialists, we unpick data and turn it into useful and engaging content whether that be through training, weekly newsletters, infographics, animations, videos and engaging storytelling research decks.

We currently work with some of the UK’s best-known brands to deliver effective data insight material, including:

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