Content Journey Management.

Content Journeys are dynamic, requiring constant management to deliver best results. This covers Journey Analysis, Content Planning and Measurement & Reporting.

What do we offer?

We provide a complete Content Journey Management Service comprising:

Journey Performance Monitoring
monitoring the performance of the Content Journeys using unique data from Odyssiant, our Buyer Journey Management Platform. Using Odyssiant, we can track journey traffic generation, audience progression and journey completion.

Journey Improvement Analysis:
using the data from Odyssiant, we are able to improve the effectiveness of all journey traffic generation (marketing activation activities). In addition, our ‘nudge’ and ‘sustain’ planning will unlock blockages in the buyers’ journey to drive greater progression and completion.

Content Planning:
ongoing planning and briefing of new content to support the Journey Maps and audience engagement based on the customer needs and personas that are seen to be driving progression within the journeys.

Measurement & Reporting:
delivery of business reports to show journey behaviour and progression forecasting.

Our Approach to Content Journey Management

We will manage all aspects of the live journey management for your business.

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Our Journey planning experience includes:

Case Studies

British Gas
British Gas

For three years we have been running the content programme for the British Gas Insights Team.


We work with the News UK Insights team to produce their fortnightly Audience Voice newsletter

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