Great content marketing is about delivering content that sizzles, engages and creates action…

Everything Connected is a creative and marketing agency based in London, specialising in content journeys.

About Seen&Read

Our Goals and Objectives

We are passionate about content. More importantly, we’re obsessed about content that delivers tangible returns on our clients’ investment. That’s why we have shifted the content needle up an octave or two by creating and delivering content journeys. It’s what makes us unique.

Every piece of content we craft and create, the content tech we use and the strategies we put into practice are designed to take an audience on a journey.

Why Work With Us?


Our approach to content marketing will deliver tangible ROI for your business

Content Journey USP
Content Journey USP

Only by working with us will you benefit from end-to-end content journeys

Editorial management
Editorial management

We will bring the experience and expertise of editorial planning and delivery

Writing brilliance
Writing brilliance

Our team of ex-journalists and copywriters will craft exquisite articles, blogs, brochures, web copy and more

Creative studio
Creative studio

Our ultra-talented designers will create everything you need from videos and animations to infographics and websites

360 capability
360 capability

We put the full suite of content marketing capabilities at your disposal including SEO, PR and Account Based Marketing

Our Team

Scott McLean
Editorial Manager
Scott McLean

Scott masterminds the strategy and editorial management, only seeming to be happy when the content is delivering the magic ROI

Tom Welsh
Studio Manager
Tom Welsh

Tom manages all studio traffic, ensuring briefs are dispatched in the studio according to a designer’s skills and strengths

Darren Richards
Creative Director
Darren Richards

Why does content appeal to me so much? It's a perfect balance between the analytical and the creative...it appeals.

Our FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.
Loyalty, building a long-term relationship, and customer retention are three key components. Consumers today are oversaturated with many businesses providing the same product or service. By educating customers, they will make informed decisions and look to you as the subject matter expert.
First, make sure you’re inserting your brand into a conversation that’s relevant to both your offering and your audience. Missing that foundational mark is the content equivalent of getting on the wrong flight.

Secondly, once you’ve identified your broad opportunity, do your homework – find the optimal intersection between conversation volume and conversation saturation. The goal is to tackle the topic(s) that are unexplored enough for you to own that still attract enough eyeballs to drive your bottom line. That calculus varies based on your product sale point, obviously, but the base principle is still the same.

It starts by building a strong business case that doesn’t just directly attack people, their teams, or their budgets. I point out that content marketing ROI is higher than the average marketing ROI in every place I’ve looked.
To connect content to revenue, your marketing and sales teams need to be tightly aligned to the same business objectives, company messaging, and agreed-upon processes.
Jane Macgillivray

Player Voice fulfils a vital role in driving customer-led thinking across our business. Every month we gather a wealth of information from and about our players. However, the true value of this insight comes from making sure our colleagues across the business are able to access, understand and use it.

Jane Macgillivray Camelot
Alex Maud

Our newsletter has received excellent feedback from all recipients. We have been proactively asked to circulate it widely across NewsUK and we see it as a key pillar of how we engage colleagues across the business.

Alex Maud NewsUK

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  • News
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