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How Seen&Read Improves Share of Journey

At Seen&Read, we believe that improving share of journey will fast become a widespread business priority, sitting neatly between share of voice and share of market. However, contemplating share of journey is a new discipline.

That’s why Seen&Read specialises in the development and delivery of buyer journeys.

By partnering with Seen&Read, we will:

1. Map Your Journeys

We will work with your team to identify and map the end-to-end buyer journey. This is the full psychological and task-based journey that your buyers go through and identifies all the steps, the buyer personas and customer needs.

2. Audit Your Content

With the map, personas and needs identified, we will then audit all of your existing content ensuring it is tagged into Odyssiant Buyer Journey mapping tool. From this, we can identify missing content in the journey and set the journey up for go live.

3. Integrate Odyssiant

Seen&Read uses the specialist Buyer Journey tool, Odyssiant. This tool needs integrating into your website and with other systems such as your CRM and marketing automation so that we can progress your Buyers through the journey.

4. Manage Your Journeys

With the journeys live, one of our journey managers will:

  • Identify and create briefs for new content needed to improve the journey
  • Work with your marketing activation teams to ensure new buyers are fed into the journey
  • Plan sustain and nudge activities to maximise journey progression and share of journey
5. Create the Journey Content

Seen&Read has a pool of talented writers allowing us to serve any sector, as well as a talented team of designers, videographers and animators allowing us to create any content required for any step in the journey.

6. Report on Your Journey Performance

The outputs from Odyssiant allow us to report on journey performance to the business.

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