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Consumer uncertainty

Thanks to Brexit, predicting British consumer behaviour in 2019 has got to be one of the toughest challenges of any year in recent history, surely? There are simply so many unknowns and uncertainties that determining how to flavour your organisation’s consumer engagement is a monumental issue.

Of course, this is where data and insights comes to the fore, helping to guide, shape and influence the direction of travel within the business. It’s also where the way in which you communicate the research and the ‘so what’s’ has to be very carefully considered.

This is insight that stretches far beyond specific projects or the needs of the marketing team. Functions across the organisation need to have this knowledge at their finger-tips to inform the customer-centric decisions they need to make.

Therefore, if there has ever been a time to consider how you communicate the drumbeat of consumer confidence, views and issues, 2019 is that year.

Here are some of the best practice approaches Data&Insights teams can adopt to engage the wider organisation around changes in consumer behaviour and what it means for the business:

1. Regular internal newsletters/magazines that bring the latest research and data, both home-grown and publicly available, to the in-box of decision-makers across the business with clear recommendations on what the findings mean and how the organisation needs to respond.

2. Infographics that bring the data to life in an easy-to-digest form that can be used across internal screens or in Customer Voice zones across your offices.

3. Interactive graphics that give your audiences the power to manipulate the data through your content hub.

If this is a priority for you in 2019, let us know and let’s have a quick call.

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