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2020 will be all about the journey

2020 will be all about the journey – the end-to-end customer journey

OK, it’s a prediction but let’s face it, the only difference between a prediction and a fact is the passing of time!

It’s also a prediction that is based on the groundswell of commentary around this subject. Put simply, many marketers have mapping the end-to-end customer journey as a 2020 goal.

But wait! Why is the focus only on ‘mapping’?

Surely having a map is only useful when you use it? The joy is in the walk you did using the map not staring at the map with no intention of ever putting on your hiking boots, yes?

Sure, a customer map is helpful. Done properly it will specify the steps the customer goes on from their initial personal or business need all the way through the discovery and decision-making process. It will specify the personas that typify your customer base, their buying needs, the channels to engage them through, the marketecture required to make that engagement and, most importantly, the content needed to facilitate the journey.

But for a customer journey map to be useful it has to be put live. That means publishing and tracking the content, and measuring customer progression.

Want to find out more? Of course you do!

At Seen&Read we specialise in customer journey mapping and putting those maps live. We’ll work with you to create and deliver the maps, personas, marketecture, capability training and project plan. We’ll identify all the content needed and create it for you.

Email us to find out more, we’re always up for a coffee or chat.

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