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We work with the Camelot Insights team to manage and produce the monthly Player Voice magazine that is sent across the business, with articles tailored further for their commercial audience.


Engaging players in an increasingly competitive market that is also coping with digital transformation poses challenges that require decision-making built around the clarity of data and insights. This is especially the case given the changing economic, social and retail pressures facing British consumers.

Influencing thinking across the Camelot business to understand the changing needs and demands of players is therefore key. This influence has to be across all functions and all levels to ensure a deep understanding of the player of today and tomorrow.


For three years we have been running the content programme for the Camelot Strategy, Data & Insights Team. This involves the editorial production of a monthly Player Voice magazine as well as the content strategy for influencing decision-makers across the business.

The monthly Player Voice magazine is sent across the business, containing a mix of articles focused on bringing the player closer to the business and influencing decision-making. This is supported by infographics designed to bring the insights to life.


Jane MacGillivray, Head of Player Strategy & Innovation, said: “Player Voice fulfils a vital role in driving customer-led thinking across our business. Every month we gather a wealth of information from and about our players. However, the true value of this insight comes from making sure our colleagues across the business are able to access, understand and use it. Player Voice is an important platform that allows us to fulfil that objective and its impact has been profound.”

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British Gas
British Gas

For three years we have been running the content programme for the British Gas Insights Team.


We work with the News UK Insights team to produce their fortnightly Audience Voice newsletter

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