Splitit - Content Journeys

Design, delivery and management of Splitit's end-to-end Buyer Journey.


Splitit, the instalments payments provider

The brief

Design, deliver and manage their end-to-end Buyer Journey

Our approach

We have delivered on every aspect of our Buyer Journey design approach. We are now responsible for the ongoing management of the Buyer Journeys which involves analysing the data to understand new content requirements for the website, marketing activation and outbound nudge programme.

The results

Having launched with a Minimum Viable Journey, we are in the process of developing the maturity of the journey to increase the progression and volume of Buyers completing the end-to-end journey.

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Data & Insights


Working as part of the IFS team to deliver their E2E customer
journey map and go live process


We work with the News UK Insights team to produce their fortnightly Audience Voice newsletter

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