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01. Seen&Read … what are we all about?

At Seen&Read we’re a content marketing agency with a difference. As well as creating impactful and creative content of all types, we specialise in the creation and delivery of content journeys.

It’s a three layered offering

Content is at the heart of everything we do. So whatever your business goal, we can create the content that will deliver impactful engagement whatever the channel.

But what to do with that content? That’s where our planning and activation capability comes into play.

Whatever your audience, whatever your channel we will create the plan and then publish, post, print or ping to get their engagement.

Finally, we have unique expertise in content journey mapping.

It’s how we connect content together to support the customer journey, whatever the type of journey: including the Buyers’ Journey, the Onboarding Journey or possibly the Retention Journey.

The creation and delivery of content journeys is a new area of marketing and one that provides significant benefits for the business and the marketing function. Want to find out more? In our next post we’ll be digging deeper into what content journeys is all about.

Can’t wait?

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