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We do not employ our own writers. As it stands, we never plan to do so. Designers? Videographers? Content Strategists? Yes, for those roles and many more we do and will bring highly talented people into our team. But not writers.

Why? The answer is simple: in equal measure we have too much respect for the sector expertise of the writers we use and too much respect for the needs of our clients and their target audiences to try and shoehorn a writer from a ‘bench’ onto any given content programme.

We know that financial services writers live and breathe their space. The same applies to technology, retail, and so on. For great writing that not only engages but demonstrates genuine understanding of the sector and the needs of the target audience, you need writers who are immersed in that space. Writers who not only understand the technical details and, dare I say it, jargon but also understand how to craft content that engages the target audience.

Style matters as much as substance, of course. Tone of voice and writing style does vary between sectors and is most certainly different when it comes to the B2C and B2B divide – as is well known.

However, there is one further differentiation that we make. As an ex-journalist myself I appreciate that not all writers can create great editorial and few ex-journalists can crack copywriting for websites, brochures and the like.

That’s not a hard and fast rule, of course. Exceptions will always exist, that’s the beauty of human capability. However, our experience has shown that there is a divide between editorial writers and copywriters. We select from our pool of freelancers very carefully in that regards.

Soooo, if you are a freelance writer and want to join our pool of freelance talent for both ad hoc and/or retained work, then feel free to get in touch. Let us know your areas of expertise (and send us some sample work).

If you are a potential client curious as to whether we can meet your needs when it gets to the content creation itself, rest assured we can. Whatever your sector and whatever your target audience we either have the right writers already or we will go the extra mile to make sure we find the right writer for you.

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