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Posted by: Scott McLean August 2, 2018
Educating Data

What percentage of your organisation who use or should use the data you provide can you confidently say know what data you offer, where to find it and how to use it? If your team is like most of the Data & Insights teams we work with then the answer is probably as simple as […]

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Posted by: Tom Welsh July 15, 2018
The art of better reporting

Last month we wrote about the power of storytelling, touching briefly on its use within regular reporting. Here we look a little deeper into that theme. Regular reporting is often all too often heavy on data but light on communications best practice.

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Posted by: Tom Welsh June 8, 2018
The Art of Storytelling

Storytelling is very much in vogue within the world of marketing at the moment, and rightly so given its power to engage audiences and bring brands to life. However, storytelling is something that can and should be used in any form of audience engagement which is why data and insights teams should be embracing the […]

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Posted by: Scott McLean April 6, 2018
Creating a Culture of Insight

Data can be the greatest asset a business has, but only if it is communicated effectively. If it is going to be used as a force of change within an organisation to guide better decision-making then it needs to reach the right people and have its implications correctly understood. Effective communications means more than creating an […]

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Posted by: Tom Welsh November 7, 2017
The Connection Challenge

The challenge of connecting with our internal stakeholders was the overarching message from the three speakers at our inaugural INsightsOUT event. On the one hand this challenge steps beyond the mechanics and art of communication to tackle the issues of preconceived views of the truth, internal politics, and as Mercedes Clark-Smith from Sky Insights pointed […]

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Posted by: Tom Welsh May 5, 2017
Down with decks

Would you perhaps raise a wry smile at the suggestion that the insights industry tries to prove its value through the size of its PowerPoint decks? There are some real whoppers out there, brim full of charts and tables demonstrating the completeness of the research that has taken place. The fascinating thing about these decks […]

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