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04. Seen&Read … what are we all about?

This is the final post lifting the lid on our full service content offering. The previous posts looked at our specialism in the creation and delivery of content journeys, and the range of content services we offer:

In this final post we’re going to outline the final piece in the puzzle: how we plan and activate the content we create to support the customer journeys we have mapped. Whatever your audience, whatever your channel, we will create the plan and then publish, post, print or ping to get their engagement. Here’s how:

Campaign planning – we’re experts at planning and delivering campaigns. All of the content, all of the connections across all of the right channels.

Outbound / Inbound marketing planning – it’s at the heart of content marketing and we will help you plan and activate the content to engage your audience.

Content planning – from blogs to newsletters, and social media posts to regular mailers, we’ll put in place the right content plan for your business and your audience.

Multichannel digital publishing – whatever the channel, we’ll publish, post or ping.

Conversion optimisation – everything you need and expect for SEO and keyword optimisation.

PR & influencers – awareness, advocacy and influence are key to any business and we can provide all these services.

Events – for many businesses, getting up close and personal is the perfect way to engage an audience and we can help you activate any event.

Social media marketing – our social media team will create the dynamic content for all your social media channels.


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