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02. Seen&Read … what are we all about?

Hopefully you saw our first post when we talked through our full service content offering here: Let’s dig a bit deeper into our approach to content strategy which is built around our specialism is creating and delivering content journeys.

That means we look at your customers’ journey, such as the Buyer’s Journey, the Onboarding Journey, the Retention Journey, the Cross-sell/Up-sell Journey and more. We then map out all the steps from the customers’ perspective, create the personas and all the customer needs, and then identify all the content required to complete that journey.

Need that content creating? We have the capability and expertise to create all the content for any part of the journey.

Next, we look at your marketecture so we can determine how you can put those content journeys live. That involves looking at everything from your front end systems like your CMS through to your back end tools such as your marketing automation … and everything in between. We will also implement the Odyssiant Journey Management Platform to map the content journey, ensure you can provide automated next best content, manage your journeys using its analytics tools, and feed the customer engagement into your CRM.

Finally, we’ll help you manage those live journeys, optimising the content engagement and delivering results that will make even your CFO smile! That means working with you to ensure your campaign approach is working effectively to support the customer’s journey and that you have a robust sustained engagement strategy in place.

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Look out for our next posts outlining the content services we provide and our approach to content planning and activation.

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